Areas Covered In Western Australia

Clean Solar Solutions have strategically based teams across Western Australia who are able to provide solar panel cleaning in Perth, Rockingham, Mandurah, Bunbury, Kalgoorlie, Geraldton and Albany, along with our other solar PV maintenance services.  With some of the highest levels of irradiance found in Australia, Western Australia is in a very strong position to benefit most from solar panel cleaning and a regular program of solar PV maintenance.  Combined, these services will keep your solar array working to its peak potential.

Solar panel cleaning and maintenance in Western Australia

Clean Solar Solutions provide solar panel cleaning and solar maintenance on residential and commercial rooftop solar arrays and of course on larger utility-scale ground mount solar farms.  

Western Australia covers the largest land mass within Australia with vast open land and variable terrain and climate. Ranging from Mediterranean, tropical, monsoonal and desert. With variable rainfall ranging from 300 mm to 1,400 mm bespoke packages and frequencies for solar panel cleaning is paramount in solar panel system performance management.  

We are able to calculate how many cleans per year your system will need to make sure that you are getting the best return on your investment and maximising the effectiveness of your asset.  On solar farms, we can provide you with either full solar panel cleans or spot cleaning, depending on the needs of the site.  For further advice about solar panel cleaning or solar PV maintenance, please feel free to contact us.

Residential Solar Panel Cleaning & Maintenance In WA

Western Australia has seen the residential market show huge interest in solar power.  On average, some 1,800 residential solar panel systems were installed and connected to the South West Interconnected System (SWIS) each month during 2016.  Roof mounted solar panels are now mounted on over 20% of all residential homes in WA, though it has been estimated that this figure will rise as high as 50% by 2020.  

Interestingly, the situation in Western Australia in regards to residential solar panel installations is quite unique.  The utilities and the government have not seen the massive upsurge in residential solar panels coming, nor the financial implications of such growth.  There is an overproduction of electricity in Perth and other areas and as a result, periodically the tariff for coal fired power in WA goes up and this just serves to encourage solar installations further.  The take-up in the solar market is not among just the wealthy, but in the mortgage belt, the everyday people.  People now factor the cost of solar power into the cost of building their home.

Clean Solar Solutions are in a position to clean, service and repair solar panels across most of Western Australia.  If you are in Western Australia and require a quote for solar panel cleaning or other solar maintenance services, please feel free to contact us.

Clean Solar Solutions have vast experience of commercial solar panel cleaning, maintenance and repairs and are carrying out their high quality services across Western Australia.

Western Australia, for reasons discussed in more detail below, has seen a huge upsurge in the installation of solar panels across commercial rooftops.  Companies such as Infinite Energy have played a large part in providing solar arrays to commercial rooftops across WA, including the Broadway Fair Shopping Centre in Perth. 

Power Purchase Agreements (PPA's), whereby building owners benefit from reduced electricity costs by renting out their roofs to solar installers or investors, are also helping the commercial solar industry thrive in WA.  Often built into the deal of an initial solar installation is a solar O&M contract.

Using their experience of the solar industry in the UK, Clean Solar Solutions are able to assist in the servicing of O&M contracts and offer commercial solar PV owners a whole host of O&M services for commercial solar arrays in Western Australia, including solar panel cleaning, thermal imaging and bespoke solar PV maintenance packages.  

If you are a commercial solar array owner or and O&M provider who is looking for a professional solar panel cleaning service, please feel free to contact us.