Regular grass cutting is an essential part of operations and maintenance on solar parks to prevent shading along the bottom edges of solar panels which results in a drop in output. Note how high this grass has grown between the last autumn cut and the first spring cut.

The same can be said of trees which may not have been a shading problem at the time of install, but over time have grown and now shade part of a solar panel or even multiple solar panels. We also offer a professional hedge cutting which will keep the perimeter of the solar park or solar farm looking neat and tidy.

By using Clean Solar Solutions for your grounds maintenance and solar panel cleaning, we can easily synchronise our teams so that we can cut the grass and trim the hedges, which results in dust and vegetation landing on the panels creating shading, but immediately send in our solar panel cleaning teams to clean the solar panels and bring back the lost output.

For more information about our grounds maintenance service for solar parks and solar farms, please contact us.