Solarcentury - Solarcentury builds solar systems for investors, businesses and homeowners; everything from utility scale to household scale.  To date we’ve deployed over 750 MWp, built on more than 1,000 sites across the world, and helped over 25,000 homeowners realise the benefits of going solar.  We have cleaned over 150,000 roof mounted solar panels for Solarcentury, who have been voted the UK's leading EPC for 2016 by Solar Power Portal.

SMA - We have cleaned over 34MW for German solar giant SMA, with more sites to come.  Having been a system technology specialist for over 30 years, SMA have made recent moves into the O&M market in the UK and are looking to expand their market share.

Anesco - We continue to provide Anesco with a solar panel cleaning service on both residential and commercial projects. We also provide them with a growing demand for bird proofing on residential solar arrays, in order to prevent birds nesting under the solar panels and creating damage to the array. Anesco are the UK's leading energy efficiency solutions company. They are also one of the UK's fastest growing companies, with turnover hitting £213m during 2015.

British Solar Renewables - One of our newer clients, for whom we have completed the cleaning of Westover Solar Farm.  BSR are a multi-award winning company and are the UK's leading integrated solar power company and have delivered large scale solar farms since 2010.

Silverstone Green Energy - Silverstone are one of our O&M partners and we have cleaned nearly 45MW of solar for them during 2016.  Silverstone Green Energy has been installing high quality solar panel systems since January 2011. Since then, they've grown to be one of the biggest solar power companies in Wales. They maintain over 600MWp of solar farms across the UK.

Natural Generation - We have cleaned nearly 30MW of solar for Natural Generation so far during 2016.  They are one of the leading renewables companies in the South West and have installed hundreds of solar arrays in that area.  They currently care for the O&M on over 100MW of solar installs.